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Regulatory Intelligence

Medical device manufacturing has grown significantly over the last few years. The performance and safety of devices must be closely monitored to ensure compliance with rapidly changing global regulatory requirements. It is possible to reduce costs and time-to-market by better understanding the regulatory environment and current regulatory information to design and implement a sound strategy.

The framework incorporates current global regulations and regulatory strategies for various regulatory topics, assisting users in gaining a better understanding of the medical device regulatory landscape. Medical Device Regulatory Intelligence encompasses both regulatory and procedural monitoring and competitor intelligence.

E&E Medicals is a source of information on medical device regulations and market conditions in specific regions. We provide comprehensive regulatory intelligence services, including ad hoc reports, periodic global regulatory updates, and customized newsletters for each organization and type of medical product.

E & E Medicals Provides the following services:

Reports on country regulatory requirements as well as current and future market conditions, including trends.
For Medical Devices, country-by-country updates on regulatory news, their expected impact and recommendations are provided.
Regulatory Change Monitoring for a Proactive Approach to Compliance
Effective Regulatory Change Triaging
Efficient Regulatory Impact Analysis
Regulatory Development Management for Quicker Issue Identification and Tracking
Comprehensive Visibility into the Regulatory Landscape with Intuitive Reports and Dashboards
When necessary, the client will be notified through market alerts.
Procedural Intelligence
Regulatory Data Analysis Reports
Regulatory trend reports
Complexity Scoring Reports