Product Design

E&E Medicals and consulting will help you carry design reviews to spot any major issues that will create obstacles to compliance testing.

Test Plan Development

To set reliability goals for your product, and make sure it meets that design at the prototype phase, our reliability experts design a test plan for you that ensures your design will last to your expectations in the real world.

Our test plan has two objectives:

  • Repeatability: The test setup will be easy to capture failures such that any lab can reproduce the setup which will lead to better results
  • Survival: The final production units can stay under the field failure rates you need to survive, grow, and maintain a good reputation.

MTBF Analysis

MTBF, or "Mean Time Between Failures" is the average time between failures of a system, and is often considered the "useful life" of the device. E&E Medicals and consulting will apply Life Data Analysis to help you achieve the following:

  •  Tracking a product's reliability and guiding corrective actions through the use of field data
  •  Predicting the number of returns/failures
  •  Reliability specifications
  •  Optimum replacement time determination
  •  Spare parts determination
  •  Reliability goals, setting and meeting them
  •  Supplier reliability issues
  •  Failure behavior assessment and failure mode detection
  •  Warranty time determination
  •  Cost projections for in-warranty failures
  •  Analysis of different failure modes
  •  Reliability bathtub curves
  •  Probabilistic design using stress-strength interference
  •  Examining repairable systems
  •  Comparing designs, suppliers and data sets


The MTBF calculation is done on IT equipment, medical equipment, and Test / Measurement equipment and is most appropriate for electronic systems without any external moving parts.


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