Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP System with SmartCode Technology - DV5..


Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP System with SmartCode Technology - DV51D - Without Heated Humidifier

Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP System With SmartCode is designed to optimize therapy effectiveness. It features reliable electronics and water resistant housing to its durable lexan humidifier chamber and stainless steel heat transfer plate. Delay pressure ramp eases the machine to the prescribed pressure, allowing the user to fall asleep at a lower pressure.

Devilbiss IntelliPAP Standard CPAP System with SmartCode includes:
- IntelliPAP device
- Spare filter pack
- AC line cord
- Carrying case
- Air supply tubing
- Instruction guide
- Educational DVD
  • Fixed pressure device ranging from 3cm H2O to 20cm H2O
  • Features patented SmartCode for remote collection of usage data
  • Combination of comfort, education and adherence tracking with SmartCode helps to ensure patient compliance
  • Automatic altitude adjustment up to 9,000 feet
  • Exclusive humidifier chamber design maximizes humidification and minimizes leaks
  • Whisper-quiet operation, 26 dBA
  • Exceptionally small footprint fits easily into the home environment and carry-on luggage
  • Optional integrated heated humidification system easily docks into the bottom of the unit without requiring a separate hose or power cord
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    • Design features:
      - Water ingress protection prevents humidifier water from damaging the CPAP, great for travelers
      - Patient air tubing extends from back of unit to reduce clutter and enhance visual appeal
      - Large, slip-resistant pads on bottom of unit to minimize movement on night table during the night
      - 8 foot power cord length provides greater positioning flexibility, no bulk power brick
      - Easy and intuitive set up, three, large buttons control nearly all functions for simplified patient operation
      - Large, backlit LCD and easy-to-follow patient menu
      - Auto on/off automatically starts the flow of air after breathing into the mask and stops the flow of air when mask is removed
      - Delay pressure ramp eases the machine to the prescribed pressure, allowing the user to fall asleep at a lower pressure (0-45 minutes in 5-minute increments and .5 increments for pressure)
      - SmartCode compliance tracking encodes usage data that can be communicated to a clinician and then translated
      - Reminders alert user to replace or check parts
      - Extra air inlet and fine particle filters included
      - Includes attractive travel bag
    • What is CPAP:
      - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep. It‚Â? is used for people who have breathing problems, such as sleep apnea.
      - This treatment is done using a CPAP machine. CPAP machines have three main parts:
      - A mask or other device that fits over your nose or your nose and mouth. Straps keep the mask in place while you are wearing it.
      - A tube that connects the mask to the machines motor.
      - A motor that blows air into the tube.
      - Some CPAP machines have other features as well, such as heated humidifiers. CPAP machines are small, lightweight, and fairly quiet. The noise that they make is soft and rhythmic.
    • SmartCode:
      Encrypted usage data codes thatcan be communicated over the phone,e-mail, or text to generate complianceand clinical reports.
    • Humidifier Chamber:
      - Overfill protection
      - Corrosive resistant, stainless steel plate
      - Unique baffling increases air water exchange for optimal humidity
      - 400ml capacity for 8 hours of use at the highest setting





    6.4?H x 6.5?W x 8.4"D

    Product Weight

    4.45 lbs with humidifier and PAP

    Pressure Range

    3-20 cm H20 (.5 increments)

    Universal Power Supply


    AC Cord Length

    8 feet

    Automatic Altitude Adjustment


    DC Operable


    ABOB Analog Output for PSG

    Yes (pressure only)

    Automatic Leak Compensation


    Auto On/Off

    Yes (can be enabled or disabled)

    Motor Hour Meter


    Therapy Compliance Meter


    DeVilbiss SmartLink Compatible


    SmartCode Feature



    3 years warranty on IntelliPAP and on heated humidification system, 3 months warranty on humidifier chamber

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