Beyond BodiHeat Bodywrap Okamoto USA Inc--Pack of 12


Beyond BodiHeat? Bodiwrap? Okamoto USA Inc--Pack of 12

Heat Wrap
Designed to be worn under clothing, fast acting heat pad soothes and comforts aching back muscles for up to 12 hours of pain relief.

Stretchable belt with Velcro securely holds two heat pads and allows you to move freely while keeping the heat where you need it the most.
Air-activated, odorless and non-medicated
Includes one belt and 4 heating pads (2 heat treatments). Product is supplied as a pack of 2 treatments, 6 shrink-wrapped boxes (12 treatments) and a case of 36 boxes (72 treatments). Pad measures 3.75? x 5.125?. Disposable, single use only.

** Item only available online.

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