Anti-embolism Thigh Length Open Toe


TRUFORM Anti-Embolism Stockings act as a Thrombo Embolic Deterrent for the reclining or bed-confined individual. They are also ideal for use with the post-surgical, home convalescing patient.

The Open Toe design permits easy toe inspection and allows one stocking size to fit a variety of foot dimensions
Has a smooth, flat opening for added comfort
A generous expansion panel at the upper thigh helps maintain circulation through the femoral area.
Silicone proximal band helps keep stocking in position.
** Visit anyone of our showrooms for compressions 30-40mmHg and greater, as they are not available online. This item may be covered or partially covered by Medicare or your insurance company. Please see Terms and Conditions for details and showroom locations for a list of showrooms near you. **

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